Answer to quiz on body slides

What's wrong with this body slide?

Quiz: What's wrong with this body slide?

Several things:

  • It has a dark background. It looks colorful, all right. But dark backgrounds are limiting—once you start using images (such as drawings and flow charts), few colors contrast with a dark background.
  • It uses too many words. Nobody wants to read that many. Bullets would be better.
  • It uses the wrong typeface. This slide uses a serifed typeface—Times New Roman. Arial or Comic Sans would be cleaner, less cluttered looking.

This would be an improvement:

Good body slide

Bullets help a lot, don't they? And though the slide looks rather plain, the emphasis is on the content (rather than on a colorful background). Also, the light background will work better with other slides that may have images on them. (P.S. Do you think they'll get the job?)


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