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In the model, the purpose slide is the third one—after your cover and explanation slides. Those slides clearly established WHAT you're going to talk about.

The purpose slide helps establish WHY you're going to talk about it.

What is a purpose slide?

The purpose slide tells why you're giving your presentation. You may wonder if that's worth a slide to itself. Definitely!

Here's an example of a purpose slide:

Sample good purpose slide


Tips for a purpose slide

A purpose slide:

  • Should have the same design as your body slides—the ones you'll use for most of your presentation. It has the same design as the explanation slide.
  • Should normally be a single phrase or sentence—not a list. Otherwise, audiences will confuse it with the next slide—the blueprint slide—which does have a list (the parts of your presentation).
  • Should actually use the word "purpose" in the slide's title—so you won't be confusing or ambiguous.

Other examples

Here's another purpose slide:

Sample good purpose slide

Notice how simple the purpose statement is.

Let's look at one more purpose slide, this one for our Yellowstone presentation:

Good purpose slide

Simple, straightforward, isn't it?

A quiz

What's wrong with this purpose slide?

Quiz: What's wrong with this purpose slide?

See if you can find two things wrong.

Ready to see the answer?

Through with the quiz? You're ready to move on to . . .

Your next step

The next slide in the model is the bottom line slide.

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